Chicago Art Retreats


(Note: At this point we are re-evaluating the program and we will not take applications until further notice.)


We believe that for artists to flourish they sometimes need time and space to open up their minds. We, as artists, would like to share the wonders and inspiration of Chicago with you. Our goal is to provide other artists and writers with an opportunity to get away into the urban landscape; to be inspired by the city, its music; its neighborhoods, its culture; or simply have the time to work without distraction at one of Chicago’s winter creative Writer’s Residencies or Artist’s Retreats.

Writers or artists of all disciplines are welcome to participate and share this time with other creative individuals. Each day will be an opportunity to work, research, explore and communicate your experiences, joys and challenges of being a creative individual. During this week you will meet with other participants and some local artists; Chicago has one of the most vibrant cultural art communities in the country.


  • Open to participation by artists in all disciplines.
  • Meet local artists, who will share their work and inspire you.
  • Review Calendar of Events for Application Information and deadlines.
  • Application information Complete application form online.
  • A minimum of 5 participants is required for the retreat.

2016 will be here sooner than we think, please make your plans to attend our 2016 session.

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